The 27th annual rookie spiel will be held Thanksgiving weekend, November 24 and 25.  The theme of this year's spiel is "Boogie Fever", so come decked out in your favorite disco attire and join in the fun! 

Sign up sheets are posted at the curling club and you can sign up as a team of 4 or as an individual and you will get placed on a team.  sign-up deadline is Tuesday November 20th so don't miss out! This is a great opportunity to get your friends or coworkers who have always wanted to try curling to get out on the ice and give it a go. 

Can't curl, but know someone who wants to give it a try? pass this on to them and help them get registered!

The rookie spiel generally has 32 teams of mixed rookie and experienced curlers.  Teams should have no more than 2 experienced curlers.

There will be formal practice/instruction scheduled for Saturday and Sunday November 17 & 18 at 11 a .m. and on Friday November 23 at 5:30 p.m.  Brand new curlers are encouraged to come practice a couple times before the spiel. 

Registration cost is $30 for each adult and $15 for each student.  Registration includes pre-event instruction, commemorative t-shirt, meals, and prizes-and yes, the bar will be open all weekend. 

For more information call 378-8897. CLICK HERE FOR THE POSTER


The 26th annual rookie spiel will be held Thanksgiving day weekend, November 26th and 27th!

For added fun we have re-named it the “Wookie” spiel and are trying to go all out with a star wars theme.

The Rookie Spiel generally has 32 teams (of 4). Teams are composed of mixed rookie and experienced curlers. The age ranges of the players are generally from 10 to 70, with varying levels of experience. This curling event focuses on fun and learning the Olympic Sport of Curling.

This event draws rookies from across Interior Alaska from Barrow to Anchorage and even a few from out-of-state. Entry fees cover pre-event curling instruction, commemorative shirt, meals and prizes.

Pre-registration is required! (32 team limit).
$30 Adult $15 Student (up to 21).

Practice/training dates:
Tuesday Nov 15, 7 PM
Sunday Nov 20, 3 PM
Tuesday Nov 22, 7PM

Email - curlalaska@live.com
phone 388-0540


25th Annual Rookie Spiel 2010

November 27th, 28th

The winning team completing the weekend undefeated was Terra Bowen, first year curler Jessica Johnson, Josh Duhaime, with lead Brett Lystad. They beat the previously undefeated rink of Terri McFarland, Lynda Sather, Rolf Mayer and John Perreault.


Winners of the second event was a team lead by skip Jamison Johnson, with teammates Jonathan Andrews, Heidi Young, Chris Hagen, and Eric Johnson. Second in the “B” was JT Tourila, Ellie Richter, Ben Saurdiff and Abe Ragar.


The third event winners played a tiring six games, four on Sunday afternoon. That persistent team was the all-rookie team led by Tenny Vongtip, with Ryan Daniels, Alton Huckaby and Robert Leatherbee. Vongtip beat the Matt Evenson rink who played rookies Andy Gryska, John Chythlook and Andy Padilla.



24th Annual Rookie Spiel 2009


22th Annual Rookie Spiel 2007

November 24th & 25th

32 Teams!

87 Rookies, 34 youth and 9 from out of town!

First in A: Atticus Wallace, Alex Katkin, Frank Caito, Pierce Stowman

Second in A: Jim Callahan, John Hufman, Gary Donofrio, Forrest Long
First in B: Kris Brandenburg, Mike Richards, Haakon Dulian, Andy Putnam
Second in B: Jimmie Smith, Dave Flippo, Dean Baskett, Elle Nazr-Smith
First in C: Brett Lustad, Adie Callahan, Katie Hietala, Joe Hietala
Second in C: Susan Carothers, Laurel Carothers, Kira Barr, Rachel Elmer

21th Annual Rookie Spiel 2006

November 26th & 27th

32 Teams!

First in A: Dale Springer, Cheryl Benedix, Rex Benedix, Gene Traxler
Second in A: Denise Lundquist, Peter Lundquist, Laurel Stalke, Brent Sheets
First in B: Bryan Clements, Tim Didier, Pete Mathies, Lauralie Chapman
Second in B: Susan Carothers, Laurel Carothers, Derek Kuntz, Theodora Foster
First in C: Terry Schmidt, Jim Ballam, Brian Smith, Bob Quillin
Second in C: Terra Hitchman, Kristopher Hitchman, Mike Barks, KT Matolcsy

20th Annual Rookie Spiel 2005

November 26th & 27th

29 teams!

A Event Winner: Joanne Hufman, Dan Robinette, Patty Bergdahl and Dave Hufman
A Event Runner Up: D Boyd, Larry Ehnert, S Pilling and T Parker

B Event Winner: The Barrow Curling Club team of Dave Hill, J Vanderstraus, Ty Barr and Scott Barr
B Event Runner Up: Tom Bundtzen, Barry Hill, Travis Tidwell and Tina Laird

Event Winner: Dave Miller, J Titus, G Ferrara and D Milne
C Event Runner Up: Becca Gryder, Teri Rohloff, Tom Alton and Bob Mounkes getting the runner-up spot.

19th Annual Rookie Spiel 2004

November 27th & 28th

32 teams!

A-event Winner

Peter Kramer skip, Leland Rich 3rd, Dalton Ellington 2nd, Michael Walsh lead

A-event Runner up

Terry Wornath skip, Ruth Wornath 3rd, Eva Zamzaw 2nd,Christa Czajka lead

B-event Winner

Stacy Brown skip, Shane Burnett 3rd, Chester Sniegonski 2nd, Jennifer Pilant lead

B-event Runner up

Walter Watts skip, Dave Hufman 3rd, Elyse Bongiovanni 2nd, Anna Bongiovanni , lead

C-event Winner

Rich Harris skip, Ian Dixon 3rd, Dan Adamczag 2nd, Brenden Smythe lead

C-event runner up

Dave Boyd skip, Joanne Hufman 3rd, Mike Connor 2nd, Terrell Lewis lead



18th Annual Rookie Spiel 2004

January 10th & 11th

32 teams!

Congratulations to the winners and all players who participated!

A Event

1st Place - Doug Lammers, Dave Miller, Karl Peterson & Glen Kravits
2nd Place -Dale Springer, Diane Porter, Don Albright & Grace Wallace
3rd Place - Frank Eagle, Moira Nutter, Cindy Lucksted & Rex Nutter
4th Place - Kala Benshoof, Chris Benshoof, Kathleen Bongiova & Brittany Bowers

B Event

1st Place - Pet Lundquist, Jimmy Mapp, Corey Winn & Ron Marsh
2nd Place - Tom Crass, Earl Crass, Christina Rogers & Nate Rogers
3rd Place - Roger Moore, Tony Karl, Kaitlin Fowler& Jennifer Fowler
4th Place -Dave Jager, John Hufman, Darrell Borland & Amy Jager

C Event

1st Place - Greg Gustafson, Denise Lundquist, Kristen Lundquist & Willi Lundquist
2nd Place - Travis Stagg, Dave Boyd, Mike Connor & T J O'Donnell
3rd Place - Ivar Halvarson, Connie Moore, Alice Palen & Ollie Halvarson
4th Place - Elaine Thompson-McGee, Pete McGee, Ashley Thompson & Colleen McGee


17th Annual Rookie Spiel

32 teams!

Congratulations to the winners and all players who participated!

A Event

1st Place - Pete Sandberg, Simon Wells, Jeremy Evens & Leo Johnson
2nd Place - Roger Moore, Lisa Ingals, Al Townsend & Jenny Ingalls
3rd Place - Dave Hill, Matt Iriniga, Paul Earp & Tyrone Barr
4th Place - Pete Lundquist, Shawna Reynolds, Teri Williams & Greg Gustafson

B Event

1st Place - Pat Fox, Greg Wolters, Kathleen Cunniffe & Terri Wolters
2nd Place - Bill Wade, Brian Ellingson, Garrett Ellingson & Dalton Ellingson
3rd Place - Dick Morris, Judy Fowler, Robert Fedosh & Jim Manning
4th Place - Matt Taylor, Dave Kramer, Brent Curtis & Peter Kramer

C Event

1st Place - Wally Burnett, Karl Hough, Brandon Josse & Luke
2nd Place - Mike Fullford, Mark Harris, Russ Goldwaithe & Chip Redden
3rd Place - Seph Jilek, Lon Kawamoto, Gordon Moe & Kathleen D'Anjou
4th Place - Chris Benshoof, Tom Hewitt, Tristan Wagner & Dan Adamczak