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Brief history of the Fairbanks Curling Club Foundation

Mission statement:
The Fairbanks Curling Club Foundation, Inc. will promote the sport of curling and support and foster amateur sports competition for the Fairbanks area residents.”


In 1990, the Curling Club Foundation was registered with IRS as a 501(C )(3). It is a separate tax entity from the Fairbanks Curling Club. The Foundation follows IRS guidelines and disburses close to the minimum amount required each year, and preserves the principal to help support the mission statement for future years.

Contributions have been received from individuals, United Way designations, the Fairbanks Curling Lions, the Marion Weeks Foundation, the William Stroecker Foundation and two large estate donors, Howard Mackey and Frank Severance.

Grants have been awarded to the Fairbanks Curling Club to promote curling through open houses, curling instruction, youth curling in schools, and club projects to help improve the curling facility. The Foundation has helped support travel for junior curlers to the U.S. National events and Arctic Winter Games, travel for adults to the U.S. Mixed Nationals and to the Pacific International Cup in Vancouver. In 2007, the Foundation began awarding scholarships to attend the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

There are no paid wages in the Foundation. A small amount is paid for preparation of the annual IRS tax return. All other work (daily accounting, fund raising, and investing), is accomplished on a volunteer basis.

As of 9/30/14l contributions to the Foundation total $732,7800. After sponsorships to promote curling of $417,203 the Fair Market Value of the fund is $695,898.

Current Directors: Ted Cox (tcox@wkscpa.com), Bill Gryder, Lee Hazen, Peter Lundquist, Gerry Richards, Margaret Rich (mrich@wkscpa.com), Deb Sather. Director Emeritus: Claire Vanderbilt.


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