Margarita Spiel-Friday Dec 27-sign up now!

Hi Curlers.  Margaritas aren't just for summer! There are a few spots still available. If it fills up, we will add you to the waiting list.  

Margarita Spiel December 27, 2013

Fee $15 * 4-end game (new position each end) * Tex Mex break * 4-end game * tacos & margaritas J

(Open to paid curling members. Non-members need approval.)


Sign-up: Now

·         Sign up at club or email margaret@ecsalaska.com to reserve a spot. (If you sign up by email, you should receive a confirmation email within a day).

·         Sign up as an individual; we will assign teams.

·         Walk-ins (NO guarantee of getting on a team; depends on available space).

·         Head count needed by Thursday am Dec 26th so there is time to set teams and buy food.


Registration: 5:15 – 5:45 pm, Friday December 27, 2013

·         Fee: $15 Check or cash only. (Fee will cover food and margarita mix.)

·         Water bottles, taco chips and salsa will be available. 


5:55 pm Head to the ice:

·         Stretch, shake hands, flip coin, and get ready to begin your game by 6:00pm 


6:00 – 7:00 pm Game #1 starts: (“Game starts” means throw first rock…not heading to the ice).

·         Games are 4 ends.

·         Rotate position after each end.

·         Don’t worry about setting up your opponent’s rock…..it wastes time and the other team may want to use a different rock sequence.

·         When the other team releases their rock, get your own rock, clean it, and stand in back of the hack so you are ready to play your shot when your skip calls the shot.

·         Skips: while the other team is playing, think about the shot you want to call. When your opponent’s rock stops, be ready to call your shot…this keeps the game moving.

·         If you are skipping for the first time, don’t panic…your opponent ship will help youJ ….playing a new position is fun….this is just a game. 


7:00-7:25 pm Tex Mex break:

·         We will stay downstairs during the break. Go to the table corresponding to your sheet# where Tex-Mex and non-alcoholic margaritas or water will be available. 


7:25 pm Head to ice:

·         Stretch, shake hands, flip coin, and get ready to begin your game by 7:30 pm 


7:30- 8:30 pm Game #2 starts:

·         Teams will be shuffled for game #2. From your original sheet and starting curling position, leads move one sheet to the right, 2nds move 2 sheets to the right, 3rds move 3 sheets to the right and skips move 4 sheets to the right. Everyone will be playing with new people and be on a new sheet.

·         Rotate positions after each end. Keep the games moving…. 


8:30 pm Tacos and margaritas upstairs:

·         Upstairs, go to the table corresponding to your last sheet. Help yourself to food and margarita mix.

·         No host bar: If you want tequila to add to your margarita mix or another bar drink, pay at the bar.

·         Drawing for eight curling participants to win a curling cribbage board or cookbook.


Submitted by: Matt