Mixed Double Spiel Nov 23-24

Mixed Doubles is a brand new spiel for the Fairbanks Curling Club.
Sign up as a team or as an individual and you will get placed on a team.  Entry fee is $60 per team and cash will be paid out as prizes.
A sign-up sheet is posted at the club, or you can contact Greg Persinger at gregpersinger@hotmail.com for more information.
About Mixed Doubles:
Mixed Doubles is the newest form of curling in the USCA.  A mixed doubles team consists of two players-one male and one female.  Teams have only 6 stones each and one of those stones from each team is prepositioned on the centerline before each end of play starts.  Player one delivers the first and last (fifth) stones and player 2 delivers the second, third and fourth stones.  If they choose to, players may swap positions from one end to the next.  Sweeping can be done by both team members.  Games are 8 ends.

Submitted by: Matt