Considering Curling?

Tour the facility, make new friends and watch live games in progress. There is NO AGE LIMIT on curling - curlers range in age from 5 to 85.

The curling season starts the first of October and goes through the first week of April.

The Fairbanks Curling Club is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides recreational opportunities for all curlers. Dedicated to the promotion and the coordination of the sport of curling to provide fun, fellowship and family activities within the Fairbanks Community. 

Selecting the image to the left will download a curling video. It is a 30MB file requiring Quicktime player.

The 2015 Curling Season is quickly approaching !! The Fall Draw Cards and League Info are available. CLICK HERE. You can signup online o -full article-

Archived News


1Board meeting 5:30p
9Wedding Reception
25Members' Social (Member Open House)
26Youth Open House

2Open House
3Lady Curlers Buddy Spiel
5Learn to Curl
8Fall Draw begins
10Army/Air Force Challenge
24Spooky Spiel
31Ice Closed for Maintenance

1Ice Closed for Maintenance
5Yukon Title Cash Spiel
6Yukon Title Cash Spiel
7Yukon Title Cash Spiel
8Yukon Title Cash Spiel
14Curling Club Foundation Dinner
21Mixed Doubles Spiel
22Mixed Doubles Spiel
27Rookie Spiel
28Rookie Spiel
29Rookie Spiel

18Fall Draw ends
19Ice Closed for Maintenance
20Ice Closed for Maintenance
26Margarita Spiel

4Spring Draw begins
10Cash Tune-up Spiel
11Cash Tune-up Spiel
23Ice Closed for Maintenance
24Ice Closed for Maintenance
30Mixed State Championship
31Mixed State Championship

6Wedding Event
13Sweetheart Spiel
20Pacific International Cup (PIC) Playdowns
Cash Raffle Dinner
21Pacific International Cup (PIC) Playdowns
24USWCA Women's National Bonspiel
25USWCA Women's National Bonspiel
26USWCA Women's National Bonspiel
27USWCA Women's National Bonspiel
28USWCA Women's National Bonspiel

5Ice Closed for Maintenance
6Ice Closed for Maintenance
25Spring Draw ends
26Youth/Junior Bonspiel
27Youth/Junior Bonspiel
28General Membership Meeting
3181st Annual International Bonspiel

181st Annual International Bonspiel
281st Annual International Bonspiel
381st Annual International Bonspiel

20Alaska Girls Walk N Wine